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02 Aug 19:55 by sioding

Check if its OK. It seems to be bugged.

19 Jul 18:45 by sioding

but right now - this won´t work

19 Jul 12:49 by sioding

I´ve set the min players to create a guild to two players for the beginning. Plz fix the number on the NPC or link it to the server property value.

19 Jul 09:41 by sioding

The mob "Druffda" on our setup zone has an created and assisgend path: "name" "pathid" "Druffda" "i50setupaussen"

After a reboot the mob doesn´t use the path. If i assign the path manually the mob return to it´s spawnpoint and uses the path. Please check if you can find the issue.

17 Jul 21:03 by sumy

Siegeweapons should be added to the Battlegrounds for Raiding of the CK. Since we only have Level 50 Chars we can add them as dedicated Items and not as and Siegemaster-NPC

17 Jul 20:31 by sumy

We need a second BG to switch between, Molvik should be the first one to be added. We need to readd the mobs and setup the port-keeps.

17 Jul 15:06 by sumy

Pulsing spells should have a blinking Icon in the buffbar but they don't have one. Possible solution is that the packet is not send correctly

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