#1 Install DAoC

Go to: Dark Age of Camelot Downloads, and choose the first option for the full game client.
Install it, if you already have a DAoC Client copy it to a new directory, you wont be able to play on live server with this client again!
If you play on Uthgard, you need to have another Client aswell, their Client isn't compatible with Instant50

#2 Download our Launcher

Instant50 can be best played using our Launcher, you can download it here.
The Launcher will keep your Client updated so that you are able to play on Instant50.
Download the Launcher as ZIP Download the Launcher
Perhaps your browser will mark the download as a Virus. It is not!

#3 Install the Requirements

To get the Launcher to run you need to install two Requirments:

#4 Launch the Installer

You need to install our launcher, just choose a directory where to install and run the setup.

#5 Select your DAoC

Run the Launcher and follow the steps it shows.