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Latest Resolved Issues

#21 pulsing cure disease

Check if its OK. It seems to be bugged.

#20 PvP Sick should be healed by DOL.GS.GameHealer

but right now - this won´t work

#19 guild create with two players

I´ve set the min players to create a guild to two players for the beginning. Plz fix the number on the NPC or link it to the server property value.

#18 Path is not assisgned after reboot

The mob "Druffda" on our setup zone has an created and assisgend path: "name" "pathid" "Druffda" "i50setupaussen"

After a reboot the mob doesn´t use the path. If i assign the path manually the mob return to it´s spawnpoint and uses the path. Please check if you can find the issue.

Getting Started

Getting Started!

The easiest method to connect to Instant50 is by using our Launcher. You can download it here.

Download Launcher

You can also connect using DAoC-Portal but you will have some issues, we recommend using our launcher.

Instant50 Revival

written by sumy on 16 Jul 02:34

It's been some time since Instant50 was around here.
Right now we are working hard on bringing it back for the best I50 experience you can get.

Things we plan todo right now are:

  • Instant Level 50 with full equip
  • No ToA Boni and Artifacts
  • New RAs
  • Style Revamp
  • Thidranki as RvR Zone until enough players are around to switch
  • Tournament System for 1vs1 to 8vs8, so you can get your Add-Free duels

We hope that we can get this server running again in the next weeks.

If you have some Ideas let us know, we'll be happy to hear your opinion.

Lets make DAoC great again! :D

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